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✅ Military Bodyweight Program lasting 30 days (all the Workouts  are offered in two versions for HIM and for HER)

Each exercise included in the program has a reference video tutorial to understand its correct execution.

✅ Complete and clear explanations of how every workout session is carried out

30 DAYS MILITARY WORKOUT PROGRAM is a bodyweight training program inspired by military athletic training.

The program includes 30 sessions lasting 30 days.

Thanks to this program you will be able to:

✅ Increase Strength
✅ Improve Stamina
✅ Improve joint mobility
✅ Improve Speed
✅ Increase your lean mass
✅ Significantly decrease fat mass
✅ Improve muscle definition

No equipment is required to follow the 30 DAYS MILITARY WORKOUT PROGRAM.

⏰ 30 DAYS MILITARY WORKOUT is a limited edition training program. Don’t lose yours before the offer has expired!